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Simone Oliver

Author - Preacher - Master Coach

This book offered an exciting new look at portrayals of women in the Bible through a feminist and womanist lens, which is vastly different from the traditional interpretations often taught and preached about in church. The opportunity to investigate the experiences of the women through their own voices was very powerful. Readers are left with a deeply moving perspective that changes the way we think about the roles women played during Biblical times and affects the way we understand women in the Bible today.     ~ Pam

Book: The Pearl of God's Eye
Simone Oliver life coach

Simone Oliver is a passionate preacher, educator, life coach, and advocate for women whose pragmatic, earthy style reaches the heart of an issue.  Simone has lived from tragedy to triumph and is committed to the spiritual care of women and girls.  She brings healing to wounded hearts by the power of God’s grace and seeks to uncover the root of gender-based violence through prevention and awareness education.  Simone is a powerful preacher of the Gospel and a gifted empowerment speaker and facilitator.

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