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The Pearl
of God's Eye

The Foundation of The Pearl Coaching Program

If you are a women of faith who struggles with her place in the world and your worshiping community, you've connected to the best space to explore your ideas and feelings on the subject. The Pearl Coaching Program is based on my book, The Pearl of God's Eye, will give you the tools to see yourself as God does. You will learn how to silence the voices that stifle you and walk confidently in the power of your calling.

In six session you will

  • Understand how God views women.

  • Experience new found grace.

  • Become empowered by God's unconditional love.

  • Have the courage to break boundaries and soar into purpose.

  • Have 1:1 coaching sessions.

Invite a friend or two and dive in! You'll be so glad you did.

Book: The Pearl of God's Eye
Online coaching program for women

The Pearl
Online Coaching Program for Women


The Pearl is a 6-week faith based virtual life coaching program created to empower women to walk in their gifts and see themselves as God sees them. You will learn so much about yourself as you login online and explore the lives of ancient women in the Bible.

One to One Female Life Coaching

$97 per 60 minute session

In 1:1 virtual life coaching for women, you can have it your way! After completing a life assessment, you will decide what area(s) you want to work on. Together we will create a plan for your success that is rooted in your ideals and values. We will meet regularly online at a mutually convenient time to move your forward in achieving your goals.

One to one female life coaching
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