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Simone Oliver

I Can Help You


Empowering Women Through God's Grace

Meet Simone

Faith-based Women's Life Coach

I am a certified life coach and counselor, ordained minister, public speaker, and author. I have Re-Visioned my life from tragedy to triumph through God's grace and unfailing love. I support other women as I help them create a new vision for their lives, too. Whether it's 1:1 coaching or bringing a transformational message to your women's retreat, conference, or empowerment event. I am the coach that assists women as they recover from some of life's toughest journeys. I empower women to move forward. After all, just because you survived, doesn't mean you healed!

I can help you discover God's love and care for women as you engage in 1:1 personal coaching or The Pearl online coaching program. We will explore your inner life through narrative writing and together we will create a strategy that is rooted in your values and deepest desire that will propel you ahead. You will find healing and wholeness as we examine your concerns through God's eyes and begin to embrace divine grace.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's embark on your journey together.

Simone Oliver

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is for people who want to redirect their lives with the support of someone who can help them overcome obstacles, identify strengths, set goals and offer the accountability needed to achieve them.

Let's talk about how I can help you! Book a free discovery call.

Create a new vision for

your life.

Find your voice.

Set goals rooted in your values.

Soar into purpose.

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